Fuel Forged Concave FFC66 | Concave Fuel Forged Concave

FFC66 | Concave / Candy Red
6 Lug


    Fuel Forged wheels are machined from 6061 T-6 forged aluminum monoblocks. Each order is custom made to your Truck or SUV's specifications. Fuel Forged wheels are available polished, black & milled, or custom painted.

    Available Sizes:
    22x12, 22x14
    24x12, 24x14
    26x14, 26x16

    Each Fuel Forged wheel is available with fully customizable lip details. You can choose from no lip milling, 1 Fuel Forged logo, 2 Fuel Forged Logo’s, 1 Fuel Forged Logo with milled dimples, 2 Fuel Forged Logos with milled dimples, available with or without Fuel Forged logo’s.

    Available in Sizes:
    22x12, 22x14, 24x14, 24x16, 26x14, 26x16

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